Welcome to Lemke Seed Farms

Everyone at Lemke Seed is devoted to helping Wisconsin farmers be as successful as possible.  Lemke Seed remains a family owned, independent seed company.  Remaining independent allows us to access a wide range of genetics and technologies to bring you the products that work best for our Wisconsin environments.

With all of the choices farmers have for seed, why choose Lemke Seed? Every seed company selling seed today offers high quality seed that has shown high yields and good agronomics in the companies testing, so why choose to do business with Lemke Seed?

  • Lemke Seed offers you the choices that you are looking for.  We have a full lineup of trait offerings, but we also have a complete, cutting edge lineup of conventional seed.  We continue to do research in conventional corn and we are committed to bringing the newest and best conventional hybrids to the Wisconsin farmer.  You should decide what products give you the best value on your farm.  Too many seed companies try to sell you products that make the seed company the most money.  Lemke Seed wants to offer you the products that make you the most money.

  • Lemke Seed focuses all of its research on Wisconsin.  We have been producing our seed crop in Wisconsin since 1936 and know the conditions that Wisconsin farmers face.  Our Wisconsin focused research brings you the best products for our area.

  • With all the changes in farming and in the seed industry, Lemke Seed continues to operate as a family run, independent business.

  • Lemke Seed is one of the few seed companies that print prices and discounts right in our brochure.  We treat all of our customers honestly and fairly, and we believe that open and honest pricing is a good place to start.  We don’t believe in pricing gimmicks and special programs, we believe in giving all a customers a fair price.

We feel privileged to have a great group of loyal customers and would love to have the chance to talk to you about bringing you the corn, soybeans, and alfalfa varieties that will make you the most profit on your Wisconsin farm.